Nutshell Exchange

Listing and Delisting information All what you need to know about listing and delisting questions. Information about wallet updates will be published in maintenance section. Also we will publish polls for listing here and accept only this result. Maintenance ID.DEX servers, wallets, GUI and other related services maintenance information. Nutshell Exchange news The most important section for Nutshell Exchange project. We report here all urgent and important information, WIP and etc.
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About the Nutshell Exchange category 1 September 14, 2019
Nutshell maintenance topic 9 March 2, 2020
Nutshell Exchange release 1 January 27, 2020
ID.DEX Basic launch 41 January 27, 2020
ID.DEX status update 3 January 27, 2020
Pre-launch ID.DEX maintenance 2 February 5, 2020