EU located high speed VPS from IDChain team

Hello community. We are glad to ANN that we are ready to make you limited offer. A fast VPS servers. Offer is a limited. Here is current prices and resources:
Base tiers:

  1. 1 Core, 512 Mb RAM, 512 Mb SWAP, 1 IPv4 address, 10 Gb HDD. OS at your request - almost anything*. Price - 300 IDC/month
  2. 2 Cores, 1024 Mb RAM, 1024 Mb SWAP, 1 IPv4 address, 20 Gb HDD. OS at your request - almost anything*. Price 400 IDC/month
  3. 2 Cores, 2048 Mb RAM, 2048 Mb SWAP, 1 IPv4 address, 30 Gb HDD. OS at your request - almost anything*. Price 500 IDC/month
    Standard tiers:
  4. 4 Cores, 4096 Mb RAM, 4096 Mb SWAP, 1 IPv4 address, 40 Gb HDD. OS at your request - almost anything*. price - 1000 IDC/month
    Advanced tiers:
    We can offer you VPS with up to 128 Gb RAM, 32 Cores and 1 Tb SSD HDD. All configurations from advanced tier are custom - contact our support team - [email protected] or via service portal and we find out how to help you.

Additional services:
we are glad to offer you following services:

  • additional IPv4 to same virtual appliance - 100 IDC/month for 1 address
  • unlimited IPv6 scopes to your VPS
  • daily/weekly/monthly backups for whole VPS of for content on it.
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • redundancy for hypervisors - all VM’s are redundant and placed on few hypervisors.

All hypervisors are located in EU. By your request we can offer you hypervisor services which is located in US. Each VPS have 100 mbit/second link attached.
Additional information: we know about Russian government and it way to block resources. Notify support about your country and we will do best for you and give you not banned in Russia IPv4 address.
We offer you 2 types of VM’s - containers and normal VPS. Containers have 30% discount from usual VPS price. Comparing to VM, container have some limitations - you cannot run docker on it - as example.
Terms of cancellation:

  • you didn’t paid your VPS in a time
  • we received abuse on your VPS and you didn’t fixed issue after 2 notifications

About (*) in our plans. It means we didn’t install Microsoft Windows on Basic tiers and Standard tiers We can install in on Advanced tier by your request, but you have to use your own license.

first standard tier VPS got it owner!

Nine VPS remaining for the moment. If ppl will take it - we will prepare some new VPS…

I was thinking what else we can offer our IDChain clients and got some ideas.
How about instant masternode nodes? Lets say if it based on VM container and deploying in 2-3 minutes - after that you just have to launch MN deploy script? :slight_smile:

What else?
Cloud mailing service as we done our own service.
Wants more? Cloud storage? We also have encrypted one.
Just ask our support and get it!

2 more VPS on its way to clients.

Hi there,
how do I go about to sign up for this VPS MN offer? Is there a specific link to his hosting service?

Contact our support team via mail and get all data about that offer.
[email protected]

Usually they setup VM for you, you change root and user password and use it.
We are not planning to sell much qty of VPS. So we didn’t deployed any billing or admin panel for it at the moment.
So as result you get clean VPS with selected resources.