ID.DEX status update

Finished work on the graphical interface DEX;
Finished work on the mechanics of trading pairs;
The work on the mechanisms of depositing and withdrawing funds has been completed;
Final tests are being conducted before launching the production version of the exchange;
a list of trading pairs at the launch of the exchange will be: BTC / LTC, BTC / ETH, BTC / DOGE, BTC / WAC (Warranty chain), BTC / SOVE (Soverain), BTC / STREAM (Streamit), BTC / VERS (Verses), BTC / SPDR (SpiderVPS), BTC / CLR (Clear), BTC / ESBC (Esbc), BTC / OTO (Otocash), LTC / WAC, LTC / SOVE, LTC / STREAM, ETH / WAC, ETH / SOVE, ETH / STREAM, DOGE / WAC, DOGE / SOVE, DOGE / STREAM.
Added a full node in the backup data center to ensure fault tolerance and access speed.

General project changes:
We do not see the need for changing the hashing algorithm - due to the acceleration of the transition to PoS this is unnecessary. The change in the distribution of awards in the block is caused primarily to make IDC more attractive to long-term investors.
In the coming days, we will open IDC trades within the following trading pairs: IDX (token of the ID.DEX exchange itself, the main function is to pay exchange fees and its services) in the ratio of 1 to 1 (the exchange rate is artificially blocked), BTC, LTC, DOGE. You will be able to form a market and sell IDC freely on our exchange.
It also means the faster launch of ID.DEX.
We are not going to list on third-party exchanges in the short term. Till December 1 2019, the position of developers on this issue is locked and finished. We all understand your desire to pump / dump, but we do not share it. We will not going to invest in this option at the expense of the development fund only in order to allow you to earn on possible speculations of the exchange rate of the coin. We hope that this explanation will satisfy anyone, asking about exchanges, since that moment all further listing questions to developers and team members will be ignored.
If you want to receive an early listing of IDC on a third-party exchange - our public wallets for collecting funds for listing are listed below









XMR (Monero)


Due to the lack of pre-sale, listing requirements from the development team are not appropriate. Also, for these reasons, a project existing at the expense of developers will be reoriented by the end of the year to a more commercial service than a service based on the community and its opinions.
Upon the launch of IDC 2.0, we will soon launch a massive bounty company.
We wish you to continue to stay with our project.

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One more thing.
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