IDChain (IDC) wallet 2.0 release

Here is key changes in 2.0 release. Please find it attached. Feedback welcome.

Key changes to IDC:

  • Once again, the MasterSeeds list was changed - some of unused master seeds have been removed, added new one with location in the EU and one in the USA;
  • We changed the start date of PoS. Now it’s November 1st. The block number for the hard fork is 100400;
  • The last SeeSaw block has been changed - now it is 150400;
  • MN reward has been changed - starting from block 100000, the ratio of the reward for the miner / staker and the MN proportion is 60% / 40% in favor of the masternode;
  • The size of block has been changed - it will be decrease dynamically. More detail can be found below:
    Current masterseeds locations:
    • France;
    • Lithuania;
    • Russia;
    • India;
    • Canda;
    • US;
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