Nutshell maintenance topic

That topic will show scheduled maintenance dates and it description.
I’ll be first :slight_smile:

1 march 2020 - system update and security fixes installation on hypervisors and running hosts. Start 23:00 UTC ending 23:30 UTC. Type: scheduled.

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waiting for news. hope everything will be great for this project.

Simply relaunch from Block 99999 … don’t disappoint investors and fans any more. In the world of blockchain, but the error is inevitable, it is important to fix how and how long it takes … the words are sometimes hard to hear

Hello there, some news for our community.
Our job almost done - we have to add 2fa auth we are ready to open registration.
Hope to get it done in 1-2 days (including today).
After that we will add all stablecoins and 2-3 altcoins and add trading pairs with it.

Next we will focus on IDChain - maybe we will restore it “as is” on last stable chain version, maybe we will recovery and swap after that - we have no decision at the moment. We are going to finish launch with highest priority and get back to that question.